Level up! Plus features

Level up! Plus is an add-on for Level up! which can be purchased on its website. Once purchased and installed, the following additional features will be available.

Activity and course completion

In the rules screen, two new condition types are available to attribute points for completing activities and courses.

Specific course rule

An additional rule allows for targeting a specific course. This is particularly useful in combination with the Course completion rule as it allows for setting specific rewards for completing a course over another.

Mobile app support

The student's level and progress, the information page, and the ladder are accessible from the Moodle Mobile app.

Group leaderboards

A leaderboard of the groups present in the course is generated based on the points accumulated by each member of the group.

Improved cheat guard

Educators can limit the number of points that can be earned per day (or any other time window). It is also more resilient to students trickeries.

Level and progress on profile

When added to someone's profile, Level up! will display this person's level and their progress bar.

Progress bar options

The progress bar can be set to display the progression towards the very last level rather than the next level.

Additional level badges

Three sets of level badges are available for you to pick from.

Alter the meaning of points

Reward your students with something other than experience points by substituting the mention of xp to another symbol. For instance, you could use thumbs up, carrots, stars, diamonds or anything else to vary your learners experience.

Export the report

The report can be exported to various formats such as Excel, CSV, OpenDocument, and more.

Partial IOMAD support

When used with IOMAD, the leaderboard will only display the members of the same company, thus making the leaderboard compatible with IOMAD's multi-tenancy feature. This feature requires the Multi package.

Email support

Get in touch with us if something goes wrong and will fix it. This feature requires a package including support.